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Don't give up so easily! You are going to have to be more persistent and more patient than you have ever been. Hang in there and stay with it.

If Badger has come strolling into your life:

When the Badger comes into our lives it tells us to “walk your own path at your own pace.” Have faith in yourself and your own abilities. Know that you have all the right tools to take on whatever challenge faces you. Never mind what others may say.

It can also be a sign that it is time for us to come out of hiding. Let the world know you mean business!

When Badger is your Animal Totem:

The Badger is connected to the earth which means that it is a grounding totem for us. When we feel out of touch, or confused the Badger can help us get rooted within ourselves, and anchor us to what is important in our lives.

If Badger comes to your dreams:

To dream of a Badger, is a sign of luck after battles with hardships. This website has a detailed description of the meaning behind Badger dreams.  AuntyFlo

Additional Associations of Badger:

  • Determination
  • Eagerness
  • Strong will
  • Focus
  • Strategy
  • Tenacity
  • Defense
  • Protection
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Persistence in our Pursuits
  • Fierceness
  • Grounding
  • Individuality
  • Assertiveness
  • Self Reliance
  • Willingness
  • Keeper of stories
  • Bold Self-Expression
  • Aggressiveness
  • Single-mindedness
  • Passion
  • Cunning
  • Revenge
  • Perseverance
  • Control
  • Antidote to passivity or victimization
  • Persistence in the service of a mission
  • Knowledge of the earth
  • Earth magic and wisdom
  • Creative action in a crisis
  • Protection of rights and spiritual ideas

For additional information about Badger:

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