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Polar Bear

Take the time to observe the situation before choosing a course of action.
-Polar Bear

If Polar Bear has come across into your path;

Polar Bear is reminding you how enormously strong and full of courage you are. He has come to help you stand up to your current challenges in life, no matter how intimidating they are. You will never be overwhelmed. Polar Bear also reminds you that you can thrive in environments that may be hostile to others.

Alternatively Polar Bear may be here to guide you between the living world and the spirit world and show you how to easily move between them.

If Polar Bear is your Animal Totem;

You know how to use your own power. You are fierce and strong yet playful at the same time. You know how to pursue what you want deliberately and powerfully. You are not afraid to show aggressive behavior – however you use it for defensive purposes only rather than bullying your way through things. You are a good provider and you enjoy the responsibility of providing for others.

If Polar Bear has come into your Dream;

When Polar bear comes to you in a dream it signifies a reawakening within you. This aspect of yourself will defy adversity and reflect a fearlessness of never giving in to your problems. Alternatively Polar Bear may also reflect a person in your life that you can depend on to do the right thing. You have the ability to compromise nothing to negativity. Polar Bears in dreams are considered good omens.

Polar Bears in dreams often signify an improvement in your circumstances.

Additional Associations for Polar Bear…

  • Ability to navigate along the Earth’s magnetic lines
  • Introspection
  • Solitude
  • Expert swimmer through emotional waters
  • Finding one way back from the brink
  • Ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes
  • Strength in the face of adversity
  • Communication with Spirit Dreams
  • Death and rebirth
  • Transformation
  • Creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries
  • Defense and revenge
  • Strength in adversity
  • Endurance in situations
  • Can show how to tap into emotions with clarity

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31 Responses to Polar Bear

  • I had a dream that i transformed into a polar bear. i had this horrible feeling for some reason and i knew i had to break into the back of this house. When i did there were two polar bear cubs that i had to save. The back of the house looked like an unclean version of the polar bears den at the zoo. So i jumped in the water and swam across the pools and saved these two cubs from the house. After i took the cubs out they disappeard and i turned back into myself…

  • I had a dream that I was wheelchair bound human (as in real life) but could change into a polar bear or it was within me. The other people in the world except a few hunted polar Bears. I found out all the other polar bears were dead, so I was alone. I cried for my kin. I was holding a note with my frustration of not being able to walk, wondering when my miracle would occur. My best friend took me outside gave me a hug and the left me with strangers. The strangers needed a car to drive them so I was just along for the ride. Then I woke up. Any ideas what being able to change into a polar bear might mean? Or why the others were dead?

    • Hello Zeenah: Your dream is a reflection of your emotions in your waking life. All of the feelings you describe are based in your personal reality. Sometimes letting go and simply living in the moment will give you all the guidance you need. Every element in your dream had something to do with an external emotion – in other words an attachment to something not in your immediate surroundings. Polar Bears are all about strength in the face of adversity – in order for a miracle to occur you have to come back to the present and be in the moment. Emotional introspection is the key to your miracle as well as your life path.

  • In my dream the polar bear was my companion, he was on a leash….we ran through the streets and wide highways to our destination. He was very strong, ran fast, and had a strong will. We kept pace together.. I was aware that I also cared for him, yet he was a free spirit. At one stage we came across a wild horse, running alone, toward us through the traffic. I had to be very strong to control the strength of the bear, to avoid oncoming cars and people.
    We finally stopped, I had to go to the bank, I tied his leash to a post and asked him to stay until my return, as I would my beloved dog. We then continued our journey, to where I don’t know, yet I feel we had a mission.

    Blessings and thank you

  • Hi! i had a dream that a polar bear was like my pet/friend and i was cuddling him! and my sister was terrified and i was telling her too that it was okay and he was harmless. I have lots of dreams, remember them all but ive never had one about a polar bear! :)

  • I had a dream that I killed a polar bear. In the dream he was my friend but turned on me and started to attack. I stabbed it in the head and several times in the beLly till it stopped breathing. I didn’t feel fear in the dream, I felt a sense of relief as if I was doing it a favor by killing it. Then my sister in law came home and she asked to use the bathroom but the polar near was dead in the bedroom with the bathroom. I told her to use it and I said be careful, there’s something sad in there. When she came out she said “what happened?!” And all I said was “it was time.” Them my husband saw it and asked the same thing and I replied “it was time”. That was the end of my dream. Any insight?

    • Hello Heather: In this case I believe the polar bear represents your co-dependency with others. It is an omen of the changes that you are currently striving to make in your life right now by taking steps to make decisions that are right for you rather than what others desire of you. You are also beginning to make discernments in your belief systems, rather than simply believing what others tell you to believe.

  • Hello,
    What about a dream where the polar bear is aimlessly walking around and then runs specifically to your door to kill? It was more of a nightmare. It clawed at the door while roaring to get in and eat us. I was beyond frightened. I brought my family into the living room so it couldn’t see or smell us. While mother tried dialing for help, though, my father (an awful man in real life-they’re divorced) showed up outside. The polar bear was gone-dead. For once, he acted like the good guy……but if polar bears are supposed to be good….?

    • Hello Victoria: The dream is significant in that it is showing you that you have a fear within you of change. You are afraid to do the things you know you must do in order to grow and move forward. The polar bear was showing you that the worst part of any fear is the actual emotions of fear itself. Once you move through it – you wonder what the heck you were afraid of in the first place. Use the Polar Bears energy to help you through this.

  • I had a dream last night that I was walking in these trails in the woods with a polar bear. I was able to call it over like a pet and the polar bear was completely harmless. I felt safe and I felt like we were friends. I have been told before that I have a bear spirit guide and I often have the traits of the bear when it comes to being protective, being loving and being brave. I am a student so I just moved for school and my parents sold their house so there is a lot of change happening. I was stressed yesterday because I have no job currently and realized I need some form of income fast! When I woke up this morning I knew that seeing the polar bear was its way of telling me something.

    • The Polar Bear is letting you know that you have to trust in your own abilities to manifest your desires. Something you have done has born fruit.

  • I had a dream where I as standing by an ocean and it seemed like it was about to storm but then a polar bear emerged from the waves and I went over and dried him off and then climbed on his back. I don’t remember much more of the dream except for a little snip of it later on but I was no longer riding a polar bear, but it was a grizzly bear instead! It felt so real but I don’t know what this means… I really feel like a bear is my spirit animal but I don’t know if it’s a polar bear or a grizzly bear, though I think I feel slightly more connected to a grizzly bear, but it could be either and the dream just makes it so much more confusing. If anyone could help, I would definitely appreciate it!

    • Hello Olivia: In this case I would suggest that you take the Polar Bears message in the early part of your dream and consider it as a good omen. The Grizzly appearing later in the dream is letting you know that you have a belief or opinion about yourself that you need to explore. Somehow your thoughts and emotions are negatively affecting the things you truly desire to create in your life. Explore these thoughts and make the appropriate changes. The Polar Bear is saying that this will make a significant impact on your life.

  • I often used to dream of bears (and still do in fact) that would give me advice and play with me, dance, teach, let me ride on their backs, etc. However, those dreams were almost exclusively about brown (grizzly?) bears. I recently had a dream that I was leading a frightened and lost child home through the woods, when we spotted a brown bear just a few yards away. I carefully guided us away from it, giving it a wide berth to be respectful, only to run directly into a large white spirit bear. I knew it was a good omen and high honor, so I bowed to the white bear quickly, and continued on home to reunite the child with it’s family. In my dream, I knew that the white (polar?) bear was there to protect me on my journey through the woods, and to alert me to fact that I was dreaming and in need of bear spirit’s wisdom.

  • I rarely remember my dreams, but this one was so strange and “vivid” that I wrote it down: I was driving is some sort of vehicle with some strange people I didn’t know. I remember feeling afraid or anxious about them. Creatures kept jumping out at me. The road was very curvy and it was snowing. There were huge drifts all around us. We came to a corner and had to stop because there was a huge puddle in the road. I looked down at the puddle and a huge white polar bear was swimming in the water. It was so graceful. He was doing somersaults for me and then gave me a big splash of water. Then I looked to my right and saw another polar bear playing and swimming in the puddle. He also playfully splashed at me. I knew they were friendly and would protect me. I wasn’t afraid of them

    Then I was in my bedroom, but it was partly outside. I was talking with some people when the first polar bear that I saw jumped out of the water and onto my bed. He started eating something then curled up at the bottom of my bed like a dog would do. He showed me his large teeth, but again I was not afraid. Then he put his head down and took a nap. I remember thinking that he must be hungry. The people that I was talking with were scared of the bear, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but was there to protect me.

    • Hello Zelda: What a wonderful dream! I believe that this posts paragraph about Polar Bears in dreams is very close to what the dream means. The water aspect of the dream would indicate emotional clarity in your upcoming decisions.

  • In my dream i was interacting with a polar bear like it was my friend and then it turned on me and became aggressive,i remained calm, but then the guy i am currently head over heels for came to my rescue and basically saved me from the polar bear. even though i wasn’t scared i felt like he was my hero.

    whats your take on this. for the first time i have been very curious about a meaning behind a dream, and i have done a lot of reading, but i am still not quite sure what this could mean :)

    • Hello lil miss sunshine: This dream is simply letting you know that you can count on your friend to always do the right thing.

  • Ah! I just woke up from a batch of night terrors followed by a nightmare watching a polar bear and its 4 babies attack my family and friends. I was mostly watching on the side but hid under a car with my family last minute before someone got a shotgun. Killed them, but one of the babies came back to life so they had to shoot it again!!
    (I was reading my tarot before bed and got the Great Bear/judgement card in response to asking what my dreams lately want to tell me so it’s possible it was just a direct reflection of that).

  • I had a dream about 2 bears white n brown and they were my friends and they were protective about me and also very friendly with me. Everybody was trying to find them and kill them
    But the bears
    found me and I hid them in my apartment. But than someone found them.. And they wanted to kill them but I stood Infront of the man who was with the gun and told him not to shoot because they are my friends and if you will hurt me they will kill you n I will never let you kill them they are innocent creatures. But he shot n the bullet didn’t hit me but the brown bear which was on the right side n white bear was on the left side
    It started snowing n everything was covered with snow. I ran towards the brown bear which got shot n cried because I was so hurt I couldn’t save it
    In the end only white bear was with me.

    • Hi Nisha:
      The message in this dream is about transition and change. It’s letting you know that if you do not embrace the constant change around you that other forces will take action and the changes will be forced on you.

  • I dream of my polar bear at times. Mostly we are happy and growing together. I usually take on the role of care giver for my bear. But in my most recent dream we were together, locked in a cabin. He is still an adolescent but he is dirty; scared, and timid. I don’t know if I couldn’t or wouldn’t help him, but all I could do was hold his head and cry. Ever since the dream months ago I am sad and feel completely off and it’s bothered me ever since.

    • Hi Lisa: I believe you are being distracted by “What might have been”. Somehow in your waking life you are hanging on to the idea that your future is held by something or someone else. You are unconsciously grieving. You need to let go and move on so that your Polar Bear can come back to you whole.

  • In my dream I was sleeping and woke up to the presence of a polar bear in my room, when I got up it followed me calmly but in panic I got a knife to protect myself from it but it remained calm. Then I tried to cut through the window to run away and it just stood there and watched me the entire time till I woke up.

    • Hi Cecilio:
      My instinct tells me that the Polar Bear is letting you know that you have to stop running away from yourself. You have untapped gifts that need to be acknowledged and acted upon. Go for it!

  • I had a dream about a polar bear last night. He was fully grown and he was my pet….I looked after the best I could but knew deep down he wanted to be free…He swan in my tub and I took him for walks but it wasn’t enough I saw the sadness in his eyes..So I set him free in the snow y mountains he looked back at me then walked off into the distance..I felt so sad but happy he was free…

    • Hi Kim: The dream seems to be symbolic of your ability to let things go so that bigger and better things can come your way.

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