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Polar Bear

Take the time to observe the situation before choosing a course of action.
-Polar Bear

If Polar Bear has come across into your path;

Polar Bear is reminding you how enormously strong and full of courage you are. He has come to help you stand up to your current challenges in life, no matter how intimidating they are. You will never be overwhelmed. Polar Bear also reminds you that you can thrive in environments that may be hostile to others.

Alternatively Polar Bear may be here to guide you between the living world and the spirit world and show you how to easily move between them.

If Polar Bear is your Animal Totem;

You know how to use your own power. You are fierce and strong yet playful at the same time. You know how to pursue what you want deliberately and powerfully. You are not afraid to show aggressive behavior – however you use it for defensive purposes only rather than bullying your way through things. You are a good provider and you enjoy the responsibility of providing for others.

If Polar Bear has come into your Dream;

When Polar bear comes to you in a dream it signifies a reawakening within you. This aspect of yourself will defy adversity and reflect a fearlessness of never giving in to your problems. Alternatively Polar Bear may also reflect a person in your life that you can depend on to do the right thing. You have the ability to compromise nothing to negativity. Polar Bears in dreams are considered good omens.

Polar Bears in dreams often signify an improvement in your circumstances.

Additional Associations for Polar Bear…

  • Ability to navigate along the Earth’s magnetic lines
  • Introspection
  • Solitude
  • Expert swimmer through emotional waters
  • Finding one way back from the brink
  • Ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes
  • Strength in the face of adversity
  • Communication with Spirit Dreams
  • Death and rebirth
  • Transformation
  • Creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries
  • Defense and revenge
  • Strength in adversity
  • Endurance in situations
  • Can show how to tap into emotions with clarity

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Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Polar Bear was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Polar Bear is dead – consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

63 Responses to Polar Bear

  • I had a dream last night that I was in a restaurant with my sister’s mom discussing the selling of my deceased fathers house. One that me and my sister will split down the middle.

    Me & my father were very close, he got me through high school as a single parent before dying in my first year of college from cancer.

    In my dream half way through our conversation I began to cry, thinking of my dad. I then took a step outside for some air when I spotted the 1st polar bear. I immediately ran inside & the polar bear immediately ran after me. As the bear chased me through the restaurant I realized there was not one but two bears that had come into the restaurant & were chasing me around the tables (not really harming anyone just chasing me). I eventually ran past a security guard who had a taser but seemed to afraid to use it. I then snatched the taser and shot the 1st bear stopping it but it didnt seem to phase the bear it just stopped and stared at me for awhile. Then the bear seemed to become afraid itself and ran around the restaurant until finally running out a side door with the 2nd bear close behind.

    Someone help me understand please.

  • I had a dream last night. I was with my cousin and amidst moutains in a valley I see a large group of large polar bears (light brown colored) are fighting among themselves, but suddenly the fight goes violent and large polar bears start charging into hill top houses and people are being eaten and brown cloud of dust forms in my background, while I am running against the dust to reach to safety, unfortunately in a direction opposite to my house. I wake up

    Again I am back to sleep, dream continued.., I get down to another side of the hill and to a small village where I announce about the incidence to the village head, I observe the village premises in dark and sense the best place for me and my family to rest (yes, my wife and my kid appear from nowhere!). I get them to shelter at a first floor of a concrete house (this is the village heads house). I observe one large light brown polar bear walking towards the village in a silent composed face. I ask the village head to ring the village bell that the bear is entering, by the time I look from another window the bear face is equally calm faced with a kid in hand that it will probably eat. I wake up

    Again I am back to sleep. dream continued.., The complete military arm forces are here with a bunch of army men, choppers and they start taking down each bear one at a time, I go to the top most house of the village and observe the whole act. I am satisfied at the end that all the bears are down large and medium sized arrange in a line.

    What can be the meaning of this dream?

  • I dreamed that I saved two baby polar bears… anyone help on what that might mean?

  • Hold steady on the path you have chosen. Keep your focus.
    -Polar Bear

    In my dream, I was swimming through the ocean. I saw a lot of fish, some were freely swimming and some in nets. When I went to the surface, I saw a boat, I also saw a hotel of some sort; the architecture was peculiar to me, it was contemporary.
    I was suddenly on the boat, and came to understand that a polar bear was being held captive for entertainment. I felt I had to set it free.
    Next, I was shown a room, presumably my room (accomodation?), I searched the bureau for important papers. I had stashed them there. I concealed some papers and pushed them deeper to the back of the bureau drawers I had opened. Other papers that I understood to be personal letters I grabbed to keep.
    Then it was time to set the polar bear free. I went to its tank, opened it and used a light (like a small flashlight) to keep its vision handicapped, so that it would not attack me, or runaway. Eventually this tactic failed. I became worried, but the polar bear did not become aggressive. It followed me, as I spoke to it in a soothing tone.
    People began to chase us, they wanted me to return the bear. The bear became anxious, and I chased the bear into my room aboard the boat/ship.
    Inside, I meant to harbor the bear inside of a tank, but the tank was made of crates and all the water meant to fill the tank flooded the room. The polar bear ran out of the room, and into various rooms. I couldnt decide whether to get the documents (or let them sink forever as I wanted them kept secret), or to capture the bear before the crew of the boat did.
    I walked into the hall, closed the door to the room behind me (essentially ‘sinking’ the room and its contents), I found the polar bear, embraced it to reassure it, and led it onto the boat deck. We jumped back into the ocean, escaping the crew. I swam through the ocean, and saw all kinds of sea creatures. It was so beautiful.
    When I came up for air, I recognized the surroundings to be my local river, I was at my favorite swimming spot. I was home. And I woke up.

  • I just woke up from a dream, I was in the sea it was beautiful and calm.
    There was a dolphin, a mother and father polar bear with their cub. They were playful and nice to me. I even pay them and felt safe.
    What does this dream mean?

  • Hi, I had this dream where i am somewhere in the country there are mountains and it seemed like it was my farm and I had some friends over, what i remember is that i am playing with a beautiful white huge polar bear. This bear has just finished hunting and has blood all over his jaw and is dripping down his teeth i remember seeming it like a zoom in image of the jaw with blood which was a bit scary but the next thing i see is i am petting the bear and praising him for his good hunting and the bear is sitting next to me after his exhausting hunt, it seemed as if the bear was my pet. Here is when my friends ask me if i were not scared of him and i reply not at all in fact i love him.

    Just to give u some perspective i have been dreaming crazy things in the past fortnight, i have seen myself in lying in a grave, giving birth in a grave and even my own funeral and these dreams have made me change my life style and my spiritual journey i think has begun. Do you think the Polar bear dream is related to this and if so what does it signify??

  • I had a dream where I was a polar bear running through a wintery, snowy forest and a male hunter was chasing me. I would often zoom from first perspective to “god” or third-person aerial perspective. He didn’t catch me. Other people in the dream showed up and were being chased too. Many of them jumped off cliffs to avoid the man but I didn’t.

  • I had a dream that I was opening a bag of de-icer and in the bag was a dead baby polar baby. What do you think this dream means?

  • I had dream where I was a worker about to go down some large white pipes with a camera on a sled, but something didn’t feel right. The crew and I waited and then we heard something and I said “Is that a bear?” referring to the noise.
    Sure enough a polar bear began trying to climb out of the pipe but it was vertical and it couldn’t. There were more and they were afraid so I pulled them up and aside, four in total, right before a steam engine train flew out of the pipes.
    The snow I threw them on was the loose snow we had dug up and it melted into slush, which I said was typical. The bears and I had to wade/swim to solid ice, but the bears still had trouble getting out [end dream]
    I don’t know what it means when the meaning of the animal and what the animal is feeling and doing in the dream contradict.

  • Interesting analyses!

    I had a dream I was at some form of campground, with a friend who sat passively nearby the whole time. We met a man who came up with a pet polar bear, who was on the leash, and about the size of a Golden Retriever. The Bear-Dog was beautifully white, and I was extremely interested in petting it. The man let me play with it, and I approached it in the same way I do most dogs which is by moving in a way that gets them excited, so they jump around, chase, and occasionally play bite— It was great for a couple of minutes, utnil the Bear started playing way too rough. Biting me all over, but not closing it’s jaws, just kind of squeezing and rapidly moving around to bite a different part of me. I couldn’t get it to stop, and the man and my friend seemed to just cary on a conversation while I was being “playmauled”

    Any thoughts on this??

    • Hello Grawdow: The dream is about decisions you have made in the past that may now come back and “bite” you. You have been dwelling on those decisions and beating yourself up over them. Move on because they no longer serve you. Be true and loyal to yourself. No one is paying attention to the past indiscretions.

    • Hi Grawdow – If this were my dream, I would ask myself if there is something that I’ve been wanting, seeking or thinking about pursuing, that I have been passive about, and just “camped out” and not giving it my attention or taking action. The part of me that knows the great benefit I would gain from paying attention to this inner feeling is trying to get my attention in a really big way, it’s time for me to listen and acknowledge it.

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