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If Rabbit has hopped into your life:

Reminds us to examine and utilize the tools we have within ourselves. Although our instincts are innate, they also need nurturing and development. Rabbit meanings deal primarily with abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Traditionally, rabbits are associated with fertility, sentiment, desire, and procreation.

It may also indicate a need for more planning or to check those plans already set in motion. Do not box yourself in a corner. Be aware that you may also need to examine the kinds of foods you eat. Perhaps a vegetarian diet, if only for a short time, can help you strengthen and heal.

If Rabbit is your Animal Totem

You are often unpredictable and spontaneous, have fast reflexes and good coordination, are highly observational and alert, gentle and nurturing as well as clever and quick-witted. Rabbit people are quick to succeed and are highly skilled at success not only in their own lives but in advising those around them. You can instinctively sense what paths lead to danger, and which to success.

If Rabbit has come to your Dream;

To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility and sexual activity. The dream can also be associated with Easter time and your own personal memories of Easter.

In particular, to see a white rabbit in your dream symbolizes faithfulness in love. The white rabbit also serves as a guide to steer you toward the right direction. To see a black rabbit in your dream refers to fear of intimacy.

If the rabbit is hopping in your dream, then it indicates fertility. You will be surrounded by children. Alternatively, the dream may be analogous to your lack of commitment and how you jump from one thing or another. If you dream that the rabbit scratches or bites you, then it means that you need to pay more attention to your personal relationship or love life.

Additional Associations for Rabbit:

  • Movement in life
  • Fertility
  • Sensitive
  • Artistic
  • Plan for possibilities
  • Check what is in motion now
  • Move carefully in work or play
  • Allows for taking advantage of brief chances available
  • Guile paradox and contradiction
  • Living by one’s own wits
  • Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages
  • Quick thinking
  • Humility
  • Moving through fear
  • Strengthening intuition

For Additional Rabbit meanings;

5 Responses to Rabbit

  • :I saw 2 black rabbits at a friend;s house outside eating under her trailer . I believe they were wild. What is the significance of BLACK rabbits please? thank you

    Also rabbit is one of my totems, my center totem


    • Hello Jeanne: The number two is about having faith and courage. Trust that your dreams are manifesting abundantly even though you cannot see them yet. The color black is associated with the unseen.

  • My rabbit was stolen out of our moving truck while we were moving this weekend. I had awful feelings the week before. We have done a lot to try and find him. I know this represents many things for me. I dreamt of a whittle owl flying out of a tree that night and a baby bald eagle in a tree as well. I also dreamt about being on a train and going through a dark tunnel. Any guidance or intuitive help would be appreciated…Peace

    • Amanda;
      I am feelings that the birds flying away from a tree symbolize your move from your old home or old life into a new one. This might be a representation of migration and going to a new home where you will be much more comfortable. The tunnel may symbolize your ‘being in the dark’ about what is going to happen with your relationships and your future as they have to adapt to agree with your surroundings. Just remember to take time to step away and ground yourself.

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