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The time is right to take risks right now and face you inner fears.

If Wolf has made his presence known in your life;

Is reminding us that although we see ourselves as civilized creatures – we are still animals with our own wild spirit. He is here to teach us about our inner selves and to discover our own hidden power and stamina. To see a wolf is to see a social and highly organized animal. One that understands the order of things and the balance of harmony and discipline.

When a lone wolf is spotted in the wilderness it embodies freedom. When seen in a pack it embodies a feel of community. If wolf appears to you alone or in a pack it is asking you to do the same within your own life.

A wolfs howl is primal and penetrating. The howl is used to locate clan members or to let wolves from outside of the pack know their territory boundaries. If you hear a wolf howl, this may be telling you to stand your ground and defend your boundaries.

If Wolf is your Animal Totem;

You have the capacity to make quick and firm emotional attachments and you know how to trust your insights about these attachments. You prefer diplomacy and retreat over open hostility or fights. This is not because of cowardice, this is because of a powerful intelligence. Often you maintain a network of loyal friends and family for when the going gets tough.

You are often very competitive and can become upset if the pecking order is disturbed, especially if it happens in your own home.

While seeking information and making an informed decision is a hallmark of this animal totem it is important that you don’t dally overlong in choosing what to do. More often than not, your seeking will lead you to the same conclusion that your animal intuition did in the first place.

If Wolf has come to your Dream;

To see a wolf in your dream symbolizes survival, beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. You are able to keep your composure in a variety of social circumstances and blend into any situation with ease and grace.

To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours. To see a black wolf in your dream represents your shadow. There are characteristics of the wolf that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self.

To dream that you kill a wolf indicates betrayal. Certain secrets will be revealed to you. If you are being chased by a wolf in your dream, then it implies that you are unwilling to confront a problem that has been negatively impacting your life. Instead you are running away from it.

To hear a wolf howling in your dream represents a cry for help from somebody in your waking life.

Additional Associations for Wolf:

  • Royalty
  • Spirit
  • Strength
  • Friendly
  • Sociable
  • Intelligent
  • Ritualistic in nature (applies to all of life)
  • Balances flexibility to establish harmony and order in life
  • New paths and journeys
  • Freedom to move within the realms of insights and attachments
  • Epitome of the wild spirit

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Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Wolf was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Wolf is dead or hidden in some way– consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

126 Responses to Wolf

  • Hi
    In the last 12 months wolves have been appearing in my waking life, more so since Christmas and I get a sense that I am being sent a message. I have three such photographs in my living room and quite a big dream catcher with wolves as the illustration. I also have them as a screen saver on my phone. I even felt compelled to buy two jigsaw puzzles again of wolves. I have been undertaking some research and have read through your literature and all of the comments. Nonetheless I still feel I am missing something. I have never dreamt of wolves. I was out today and saw three. A month ago a black wolf appeared on its own as i mad my way into Chester town Centre. i looked around but could not find an owner. The wolf looked at me and I was mindful not to startle it and it then walked off. I have actually knelt down and stroked two varoations of wolf and they responded very well towards me. I feel the wolf is talking to me but saying what?

    I am really confused and would appreciate some guidance please

    • Hey Anne, I just read your story and can totally relate to what you are saying. I moved into a new townhouse last May and that’s when I started hearing/seeing things. After being woken up night after night, I finally got a snapshot of something in the darkness of my bedroom. When I adjusted the lighting, it revealed 4 native Americans with wolf headdresses coming out of my mirror. Since then I’ve been receiving pictures of dogs, wolves, and me flying some spaceship looking thing with dogs & wolves running alongside me and an invisible train full of people behind me. I cannot figure out what it is they are trying to tell me and feel exactly like you…. somewhat lost. We should correspond sometime and compare stories/share pictures.

  • I feel connected to wolves. It is the moon, I think. Some time ago I had a very interesting dream that I still don’t really know what to think about.

    I was travelling the country and people were telling me I am a healer everywhere I went and wanted me to help them, but I thought they’re just superstitious. I came to a village where everyone kept a wolf in a tiny cage in their yard. They told me that this is how they tamed the land. I told them this is unnatural and they’re supposed to be free. After speaking about it at lenghts I realized the people just enjoy seeing the wolves trapped. I went house to house and set each wolf free. They were stressed out of their minds in their cages and often jumped to attack me when I opened the door, but I stepped aside and pushed them to the ground using their own strenght. My touch instantly calmed them and they just wandered off. There was a smaller dark grey one that didn’t and wanted to stay with me. So we travelled together. People were afraid and kept telling me to put him on a leash. I knew it was safe, we were connected and he’d never do anything I wouldn’t do in his place. I just thought they’re being stupid.

    Then in a forest I came across a frightening man. He was huge, dressed in dirty white and had an axe. There was a wolf with him, big but seriously underfed, white but dirty just as him. He mistreated the wolf terribly, it was injured and he was still beating it to make it obey. The wolf was crazy with fear and was biting all around. This man spotted us. He wanted to take my wolf to “train” him. I was terrified and everything in me shouted RUN, but I saw the poor white wolf and knew I have to do something. I told him I will take better care of his wolf. He just laughed and set the wolf to attack. My wolf went to meet him and the man swung his axe at me, which I dodged – I wasn’t armed and I’m a small-ish girl, so it was a bit unbalanced. I was trying to get some sort of advantage, but he was really fast and I barely managed not to get hit. Our wolves fought as well. Then I saw blood on white fur. I screamed “STOP” and jumped right in the middle of the fight to tear them apart. The white wolf was bleading heavily, but was still trying to fight me even as he lay on the ground while I tried to do something about his wound. I was sick with fear, but knew I have to do something. He bit me and our blood mixed, but that wasn’t important, the wolf was important – I just kept holding him firmly. I remembered what all the people told me about being a healer. I really needed to do something. And then… I just knew. I reached somewhere above and elsewhere and then felt myself be the wounded wolf. And I just allowed everything calm down and heal. At least in the body. The mind was broken too. I knew everything that’s happened to this wolf. It was going to take a lot of time to heal this but me and my wolf will do anything we can.

    I stood up and picked the white wolf up like a child. The man was still trying to threaten me, but I was in no mood for that and told him a couple of pretty rude things that left him speachless. Then I turned my back on him and carried the white wolf in my arms, while the dark one was faithfully by my side.

  • Mine is a little different. I had a dream that i was on a pilgrimage through the desert (with some friends of mine) and i reached an Indian Camp. At the camp their was a chief and he told me that i must drink from the cup he provided. It was snakes blood. I felt as though i was dying, my vision blurred, my insides writhed in agony.
    A distant voice came to me, guiding me on, telling me “that i will make it through this”. The voice got stronger as i concentrated on it and then i saw the voice take the form of a magnificent wolf, he was knowing, i’m honestly unsure about color – it was not a focal point, but his mane was inspiring, impressive and magnanimous.
    As I had seen the wolf my vision slowly returned, and i could make out the Indian Chief drawing the exact same wolf face i had just seen on a large piece of parchment as if he was able to see through my own eyes. At this point all note of the poison dropped from existence, i felt weightless and began to glow, enlightened with this new knowledge.

    This happened two weeks ago and i can remember it as if it were yesterday.

  • :arrow: I’ve had once a dream that I was being attacked by aggressive wild cats and then a whole pack of beautiful grey wolves came to protect me from the attacks. Can someone tell me if it is good or bad? :shock: :!: :razz:

    • Could be either or, in general it sound like you’ve made enemies, but you’ve got good friends that will help you when you need it. So, I would say it’s good & to keep an eye out for those cats.

    • Before deciding if the dream is “good or bad”, it may be helpful to first look up the symbolism of wild cats in your dreams. If the cats are your “enemy” in the dream, understanding the meaning of each wild cat, as well as that of the wolf (like on this page), may help guide you to understand why such powerful spirit animals are reaching out to you in your dreams. Just a thought! :wink: :idea: :smile:

  • hi! I dreamed of a black wolf who swallowed a gold. And in my dream I killed the wolf and got the gold and i saw lots of baby wolves apart from that I saw a black bear that wanted to eat the baby wolves but I killed the balck bear. Is that a bad dream or already a nightmare?

  • What if a white wolf appeared to me in my waking life?

    • Could possibly be your spirit guide making you aware that they are there. research more on just the white wolf or artic wolf. you will find you answer

  • I had a dream a weird really big animal was trying to get my child and I was fighting it on one side and on the other side a white wolf was fighting it! It was protecting me and my child!

  • I had a dream I was standing outside my front door it was mid morning/night, and looking over to my left was a White Wolf. The wolf stood still just looking at me, I wasn’t scared in my dream of this wolf. And the wolf came up to me and then I woke up. I’ve never had a dream of a wolf before, let a lone seen one. I’m curious of what this means.

  • Hi guys,
    I also have the wolf as a spirit totem, and had a dream months ago and still felt like I had it last night.
    I was outside my house- in the midle of a blizzard, no less- when a single raven started flying around me, and left. I followed it outside the property when it led me to a single white wolf, and then vanished. It was a good size too; it looked like it knew a thing or two about people. The wolf was ready to attack, and being a martial artist, along with instincts, I quickly realized this, and we both lept on each other. When I grabbed it, I took it down to the ground and immediately let up, somehow knowing that the wolf had enough. With it still in my arms, it then had a small “conversation” with me, like I knew what it was saying. Then, shadows of sorts started quickly creeping up on us, and we both knew we had to fight these shadows, whatever they were. Before I even had the chance to move, I suddenly woke up, sweating a bit and breathing heavily.
    I kind of had a bit of experience with the whole spirit thing beforehand, now I’m struggling to know aas much as I can about these beautiful wonders of the world. There’s just so much to ask, and if I could get some clarification as to what I spiritually experienced, it would mean a lot to me.

  • Last night I did a little meditation to try and let my spirit animal come to me and i went to sleep and had a dream. I don’t remember much of the circumstance or what was going on, all I remember is walking side by side with a beautiful wolf like in the picture on the left. I reached down and he (or she) looked up at me and looked as if he were smiling and then pushed his head under my hand to get me to pet him. What exactly does that mean? It doesn’t look to me like anyone else has experienced a similar dream so I was just wondering. ~many blessings <3

  • So last night I had a dream of a black vicious wolf with yellow eyes running then I realized the wolf and I were one what exactly does this mean

  • I had a dream that I was sitting on the couch looking outside, and three black wolves walk in front of the window. One sees me, gets the others attention, and they stand on their hind legs and put their front paws on the window. They all start growling at me but then the one in the middle stops growling and just looks at me like he’s known me all his life. They all had silver around their faces, but he had the brightest, almost metallic silver. I instinctively knew the genders and that the one in the middle was alpha. And yet that’s how he saw me. I looked into the alpha’s hypnotizing silver eyes, saw a look of love, and the dream ended. If anyone can help me figure out what that means, I would be grateful. Thanks, Namara

  • I want to become can ya please help me out.

  • I want to be a good werewolf but I need the real werewolf blood or a good necklaces of a good werewolf & take really good care of it. & let it take good care of me. from the inside out. by give me a really special gift from the werewolf & wolf spirits a good chance to save this world & stopping this mad man. & fix it. the way its. should be. & doing what is right. & make it right in life. what do ya think can ya please help out to become a good werewolf. saving the both worlds. & werewolves & humans & live peace.

  • Is there any symbolism associated with the boxes on the right of the comments (the midsize box with art work)? You may have it posted, but not sure where to look for it. Thank you.

  • This was in the quotation box and really fits me. “Learn to balance the responsibility of family needs without losing your identity. Use wolf medicine to develop strength and confidence in your decisions. -Wolf”

    How does one use wolf medicine to develop strength and confidence in decisions?

  • I used to have dreams that I was chasing a pack of wolves, they would turn around and look at me and stop and wait but I could never catch up…..
    I have always had a sense that I was somewhat of an outcast, lonely..& I don’t have much family. I think the dream represents that I’m just trying to belong to something….

  • I dreamt that a wolf was outside a window and I inside. Only a screen was between us. At first I thought it was a dog, then realized a wolf. I was scared at first, but then the wolf came through the screen like a ghost. She started licking my hair and pulling at it also. I was a bit frightened but allowed her to do so. Then she was inside my dream as I dreamed something else and finally became a thought in my subconscious.
    The one wolf became three. One went inside my head, the other in my heart, and the last one in my solar plex.

    I only instinctively knew that the wolf was a female and she was grey with a bit of white and she was also on the smaller side too!

    If someone capable of interpreting can help me, please do so.

    I feel it was a great blessing give me strength in my mind, heart and protection.

  • So now every once and again in my dreams im walking in the streets at night and I suddenly hear wolves howling. After the howling stops like a min after this huge black wolf comes out of nowhere and tries to attack me but this white wolf tackles it away from me and the two of them begin fighting.

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